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  1. The "Le ciel ça sert à..." is a 64page publication, the pairing of photographer Yannis Drakoulidis and designer Stephan Muller. A city-surveying series printed on newsprint stock that is dedicated to fragments of daily observations; snatches of scenery and dialogue, bathed in Athens' surreal natural light escaping through cracks and nearby windows. The photographer's impressionistic landscapes, clad in ambiguity and ephemeral exhaust, put the grammar in the picture with heady confessional warmth and instants of muted discoveries through the tedium of everyday life. 


    self published / edition of 100 / 64 pages / 57 images

    60gsm newspaper / 33,2 x 47,5 cm / inkjet printing/ french and greek text

    published summer 2021

    sending worldwide / price 20 euro + postage / order by email